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Next Meeting is May 21st at The Route 38 Engine Machine Shop in Newark Valley

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4-25-18 - New Equipment Aquired

   We recently picked up a used potato digger and new sprayer.  The potato digger is a commercial grade unit about 10 years old.  Because we were having a series of break downs, the board decided we should look for a more robust unit to meet our needs.  A donation from Jim Baker's daughter, Jennifer covered 93% of the cost.

   The sprayer is a brand new 110 gallon unit.  Emil and Pete put it together and it looks great.  Can't wait to use it...  One of the donated 9N tractors and the sprayer will be on display at the potato cutting meeting on April 30th.

Pictures in the gallery...


4-24-18 - 2018 Potato Season Begins

   Well, the 2018 season has started.  Today we picked up 4500 pounds of seed potato from Cornell U.  The potatoes look excellent and we should have a very good yeild.  This months meeting will be next Monday the 30th where club members will meet and cut the potaotes to size for the planters.  Depending on the number of members that show up we should be done in just a couple hours.  There will be refreshments provided.  I'll post some pictures in the gallery of the pick up at Cornell. 

4-12-18 - New Sprayer

We picked up our new 110 gallon sprayer today.  The unit was purchased from Tractor Central and looks to be very well built.  We should be able to get years of service from it.

4-1-18 - Two Ford 9N Tractors Donated To The Club

   Darwin, Emil, Jim and Peter picked up two Ford 9N tractors that were donated to the club.  We are assessing what it will take to get them in good running condition.  We hope to get one or both of them running and available for members who don't have a tractor, but would like to plow, disc or drag our potato field on the May 12th planting day in West Corners.  The tractors were donated from Joan Smas.  They were her husband's who has passed.

3-12-18 - March Board Meeting

There will be a Board Meeting tonight, 3/12/2018 at Phil's house at 6:30 PM

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