About Us

The tractor club was started to give local people a place to come out and enjoy playing with their tractor and helping the community. The club is split almost in half with 2 groups which work together for the same goal. The first half wants to use their tractors for farming, tractor pulls, shows and just having fun with their toys.

The second half of the club enjoys using their tractors but sees the need to help the food banks in the area. These members go out and help plant fields of crops determined by the club and the need of the food bank. All the produce that is harvested is donated to the local food banks, churches and organizations that help people in need. Some of the organizations the tractor club works with are:

  • Food Bank of the Southern Tier - Link

Between these two groups of members the tractor club has events all over the southern tier. They show their tractors at Wegmans, Tractor Supply Center, Parades, Jackson Farms and many other places. They meet once a month to talk business, have dinner and just catch up on what has happened in the last month. All people are welcome to come and enjoy some time with great company, learn interesting things about growing food and just have a good time.

If you would like to join, please visit our Sign Up Form and meet us at the meeting on the third Monday of the month.

If you like Antique Tractors, Old Farm Equipment, Charitable Acts and Having Fun, THIS IS THE CLUB FOR YOU!

Club By Laws - Link