Although the Corona Virus has led to the cancelling of most club activities, the following are some of the things the club does during a normal year.

Monthly meetings are at various locations in the Southern Tier.
Some meetings include either a pot luck or a barbecue.
There is a monthly newsletter.
Some years we get a factory tour
A spring litter cleanup day
Plow days where club members are invited to bring their tractor and plow for the day.
An evening of cutting potatoes in preparation for planting
A day of planting potatoes
When there has been interest, the club has planted a vegetable garden
A day of planting a grain crop Opportunities to cultivate potatoes
A couple days of harvesting potatoes
A day of harvesting a grain crop
There have also been volunteer activities like filling someones basement with wood for the winter.
Some years the club participates in or puts on a tractor show Every year ends with a big dinner.